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Welcome to the Fighting Lions
Company Overview


The Fighting Lions our based at the Centre of Excellence Martial Arts & Fitness Centre and is taught and run by Head Instructor Sifu Leo Alderman.. With over 30 yrs experience in the Martial Arts with in depth knowledge in many aspects of Choy Li Fut Kung Fu, Shaolin Kung Fu, Freestyle Karate, Kickboxing, Sashou, MMA, Grappling and more. The Fighting Lions are members 2 of main federations / associations. These are the Hong Ying Chinese Martial Arts Association, Martial Arts All Styles International Federation (M.A.A.S.I.F). Each of these groups are the leaders in their fields and are a constant source of wealth and knowledge to the Fighting Lions.


The Fighting Lions have been competing on the International competition circuit since the early 90's with many World, European and British champions being produced in many forms of competition.

Whether you're interested in Kung fu, Kickboxing, Sanda/sasnhou, Submission Grappling/No Gi, MMA (mixed martial arts),  or just Self Defence we can cater for your needs at Fighting Lions.

CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE in Whitstable is fully equipped with 3 Training rooms. Combat room with matted area, kickbags, speed-balls, cage walls, boxing ring and more. A multi style room with a big open space for forms, weapons training,Tai Chi etc. Also a weights & fitness room for Cardio and strength & conditioning training.

See our time table below. which we can break up to each section some how.. .

Any person, that wishes to try any of our classes, you’re more than welcome to come along anytime for a free lesson.

Contact Sifu Leo Alderman for any information.

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Dates to Remember

15.09.13 – MAASIF UK Open – Gillingham
20.10.13 – Glory MMA – Essex
28.09.13 – Whitstable Clubs & Associations Fun Day
16.11.13 – MAASIF British Open – Gillingham
29.09.13 – Kickboxing Testing Day
24.11.13 – Black Belt Testing
05.10.13 – Kung Fu Testing Day
15.12.13 - School/Gym Christmas Awards Ceremony and Party

Contact Sifo Leo Alderman for more information: